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Transformer are actually quite easy to learn and understand… They're just made confusing for some odd reason! Transformer theory, currents and voltages in various transformer connections, transformer phase angle, the YY connection, DAC-Y, DAB-Y ... it will all be covered here

Introduction to the Delta Wye Transformer connection 17 Videos

In this series, we'll introduce to the DAC or Dyn11 transformer connection, define our voltages and currents, understand how to relate line-to-line voltage with line-to-ground voltage, relate line current with phase/winding current, draw the current phasor diagram, the voltage phasor diagram, and understand how to relate the phase shift between the HV side and LV side.

Introduction to the Wye Wye Transformer connection 4 Videos

In this series, we will focus on what makes a Wye or Star connected transformer, the difference between line-to-line voltage and line-to-ground voltage, the difference between line current and phase/winding current, and lastly, we'll perform phasor analysis and explain what a balanced system means.

Introduction to Delta Wye Transformer Connection and Circulating Currents and Voltages 2 Videos

In this series, we'll analyze various short circuit currents in a power system and hand-calculate various current and voltage quantities. These quantities are fundamental to understanding how short circuit works.

Open Phase Condition in Transformer Analysis Paper Review

In this paper review, we look the reaction of voltage and current for transformers when one phase is open on the HV side

Difference Between Core Form and Shell Form Power TransformersPaper Review

In this series, we will be exploring the differences between the two main power transformers used in the industry; core form type, and shell form type transformers. Core form transformers are the most prevalent throughout the world, however, in North America, shell form transformers are commonly used.